Brazil Phone Number Generator

The Brazil Phone Number Generator is designed to create random Brazilian phone numbers based on user preferences. It can generate mobile and landline numbers in a plain or formatted style. This tool can be particularly useful for developers or testers who need to generate phone numbers for testing purposes.

Numbers Generated

How to Use Brazil Phone Number Generator

  1. Number of Phone Numbers: In this field, users can specify the phone numbers they want to generate. The default value is 5, and the maximum limit is 10.
  2. Phone Type: Users can select the phone number they want to generate: mobile or landline.
  3. Format: Users can choose the format of the generated numbers: plain or formatted. The formatted option includes the country code (+55 for Brazil) and a space for better readability.
  4. Generate Button: Users can click the “Generate” button to create the phone numbers after selecting the desired options. - True Random Generator Service